Digital & Product Consulting Services

I have a keen interest in the full end to end delivery of digital products and services. From the initial idea through to marketing and iterating once live.

I’ve held a variety roles in my career, and have a wide interest and skill base. This gives me a unique and holistic view that I can bring to any project.

I am also comfortable working with pre-existing products or services to help enhance the existing offering.

Ideas & Research

Where all great things start. You may already have an idea or conducted some initial fact finding research to make sure the need is valid.

Having been there and seen this myself all too often – we get infatuated with our own ideas. On one hand this is great as it shows we’re passionate. However, it’s also important to validate the idea with a wider audience. Ideally this validation comes from outside of friends and family, as often they will tell you what you want to hear.

If not already completed, it will be worthwhile to identify who the target user is (and what their traits are). Be as specific as possible – there’s power in niching!

For me, this stage is about getting a fresh outsiders opinion and feedback to further flesh things out. If needed, additional research or questionaries can be completed. This helps ensure the idea stacks up and is worth pursuing in the next stages, before too much time or money is spent.

Scope & Design

Taking the original idea, this stage looks at what it might look like as individual features and functionality. Typically this would have a focus on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach. Alongside this, we would explore the visual aspects as either wireframes or initial designs. This enables both you and any would be users to get a sense of the experience.

If suitable, interactive prototypes can be created which further enhances the ability to understand how the experience may work.

It is also worth involving some potential users to give feedback on the offering at this early stage. This enables you to quickly iterate and improve further ensuring you’re creating the right thing.


Once the scope and design has been finalised then we move into the creation of the solution either as interactive prototypes or the initial version of the product/MVP.

This is completed in a series of time boxed periods where an agreed set of work is delivered (known as sprints). Delivery this way allows you to try out the finished article in small iterative steps. The idea for each sprint is to have a working experience that additional features are added to each time.


Either during the development stage or after all has been done, is the time to get users to try out the product or service.

Getting users on the product as early as possible is beneficial, allowing you to iterate quickly and avoid going off on tangents that your users aren’t interested in.

This process may require some additional hand holding or careful selection on which users you give access to.

Launch & Iterate

The exciting stage (but also when the work really begins)! Once the initial version of the product/MVP has been created, it’s time to put your creation into the wild.

This will mean different things depending on your business and stage of growth. The key here is about giving users full access to use the product or service.

It’s important to setup a good feedback loop with your users. This will feed into your backlog and iteration cycle to continue improving and enhancing your product or service.

A great quote to remember here is:

“If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late.”

Reid Hoffman – Co-Founder of LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock

Market & Grow

Now you’ve got your product or service live you want to drive new potential users to it. Using a variety of tools, platforms and approaches there’s a myriad of ways we can look at this.

It’s important to test and not judge results after the first attempt. The messaging, targeting, image, channel etc could all feed into this so don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Also by this time you should hopefully have some users that have been already using your product or service who can provide case studies/testimonials. Ideally these users can also be converted into advocates further helping spread the word about your great new product!

Delivering Your Product/Service

I’ve worked with businesses as part of an internal team, external agency, development partner or as an individual consultant so can be flexible to work within your requirements.

I believe in hands on consulting and fully believe in working with you and any existing team through to delivery of your product or service. Instead of having a bunch of meetings, to then hand over a huge set of documentation, I prefer to work tactically and effectively with smaller sets of manageable deliverables ensuring ongoing progress.

If you’d like to chat through how delivery might work for your own project please do get in touch.

Need Something Bigger?

Have some lofty goals but need something more than just one guy?

Unfortunately I’m not a superhero, so if you’re looking for a larger team in order to deliver your digital vision then I am also the founder of Creative Plantation; a network of digital specialists I’ve put together in recent years to help deliver bigger digital projects.

(This was the closest I could get to cloning myself ?)

The network includes designers, developers, marketers, strategists and project managers. There are also some specialist agency partners for even larger requirements.