Hi, I’m James Lucas

I’m a UK based “hands on” digital and product strategy consultant.

You may be wondering why I’ve said “hands-on” – to me, coming up with ideas and strategies is only half of the picture. I like to work with clients to see things through to delivery and beyond.

My unique approach

I’ve worked in the digital space for 20 years (I’m now 38). During that time I’ve done a variety of roles each time further honing my skills but using previous experiences to broaden my horizons and thinking for more holistic solutions.

I have experience in creating and evolving digital products, digital and product strategy, marketing and UX. All of this is backed up with an underlying experience of development – where everything began! Mixing all these skills (which are also interest areas) and experience creates a unique holistic approach to any project I get involved in and enables me to add value in a variety of areas.

I’ve always had a love for new technology and the concept of using digital in real-world scenarios with a heavy focus on the experience rather than just using digital for the sake of it. I believe it’s imperative to do everything you can to understand your target audience, what their problems are and look at how you can solve them. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get caught up in a world of internal ideas without validating with your users.

My Career

Senior Product Consultant – jazzed

May 2019 – Present
jazzed is the world’s first audio-visual app dedicated to Jazz, allowing users to listen, watch and read about the world of Jazz via iOS, web, airplay and Sonos with more platforms coming in 2020.

Digital & Product Strategy Consultant – Creative Plantation

Apr 2015 – Present
Creative Plantation is the home for my consultancy services, focused on digital and product strategy. I have a network of digital specialists that get involved in projects that require additional resources or more of a deep dive in a particular area.

Digital Strategy Startup Advisor – Funnel Music

Aug 2015 – Present
Funnel Music is a disruptive music startup breaking artists and sharing outcomes. Helping artists develop in a responsible and sustainable way. Supporting both artists and industry professionals, Funnel reduces costs of early-stage development without reducing quality through its shared outcome agreement.

I was involved with the team at the early stages of the business helping concept and brainstorm how digital could help scale the business offering allowing it to appeal to a global market.

Interim Head of Product – Hapori

Sep 2017 – Jan 2019
Hapori is an all-in-one personal training business management tool. Helping PTs run their business day to day, managing relationships with clients and ultimately growing their business.

I worked with the founding team from the inception – taking the initial idea and turning it into a fully working product with early adopter PTs using it. I managed the whole product brainstorm, strategy and creation process (with a small developer team). Also delivering UX, marketing and customer success strategies.

Product & Marketing Startup Advisor – Solverboard

Aug 2015 – Mar 2018
Solverboard helps organisations tap into a wider pool of knowledge and insight by engaging employees and partners in solving internal challenges or sharing ideas and knowledge all through an online SaaS product.

I joined the team at the early stages when the platform had started being built. Providing product, marketing and UX strategies and advice to help get the product to the point of launching. After initial launch continued managing the product backlog and working with dev teams to deliver

Digital Product Consultant – Objective 1

Feb 2015 – Jun 2015

Senior Product Manager – MySingleFriend

Apr 2014 – Feb 2015

Product Manager – vouchercloud

Aug 2012 – Apr 2014

Freelance Digital Strategist – Creative Plantation

Nov 2011 – Aug 2013
Freelance consulting with clients and developing digital marketing solutions. Services included:

  • Marketing campaigns (web and mobile)
  • Social media strategy
  • Facebook application development
  • Mobile strategy
  • Web development and strategy
  • User experience consulting
Digital Marketing Manager (Contract) – Telefonica Digital

May – Aug 2012
Working on the launch and digital marketing for direct to consumer over-the-top (OTT) services.

  • Supporting launch of a new mobile messaging app TU Me
  • Management of social media and online presence working with external agencies
  • Production of promotional video in collaboration with external agency

Pre 2012

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist – Freelance
  • Global Product Development Technical Manager – Nokia
  • UK & Ireland Technical Service Manager – Nokia
  • Web Designer & Developer (Contract) – OD2
  • Web Developer (Contract) – Sift Media
  • Founder – Cube Media Solutions
  • Freelance Web Designer & Developer – Orbitals New Media